To provide the body with food that is necessary for growth, health and good condition

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Our Food Philosophy

We believe that the key to having healthy, nutritious food in your life forever is to find food that excites you, that tastes amazing and that you aren’t just eating for the sake of being ‘healthy’. Our plans are not restrictive and we do not believe in cutting whole food groups from your diet, everything can be enjoyed in moderation. By eating a balanced diet rich in plant-based foods and lean protein, we can assure you that you will start to feel more energized and less stressed.

We choose ingredients for their functional role, as well as for their taste, look and feel. For example, we think the pomegranate seeds we use to garnish your salad are really pretty, but they’re also full of antioxidants and the crushed almonds on top of your Moroccan inspired dinner not only add crunch but up the vitamin, mineral and fibre content.

A large proportion of the carbs we use are complex, i.e. they take longer to be metabolised into glucose by the body, thereby making the meal more satisfying and keeping you full for longer. Our carb sources typically come from fresh greens, salads and root vegetables, whole grains and seeds. Our recipes have been carefully crafted so that our meals have a low glycemic load, making them ideal for those seeking sustained energy throughout the day whilst achieving and/or maintaining their ideal weight.

We buy the freshest fish, meat, eggs, green and root vegetables, whole grains and seeds we can find. We buy local produce and support small businesses whenever possible and use fresh herbs and spices, rock and sea salt in our dishes. We use extra olive oil as our preferred cooking oil, and prefer natural sugars to anything processed.


Hi, I'm Hayley

I’m Hayley and I am the founder of Nourish. I was born and raised in England and moved to Oman in April 2014. Having lived an active lifestyle for many years, I found myself at a loss after a year living in the Middle East, I was eating all the wrong things and barely moving my body. I had gained weight and felt sluggish and unhappy within myself.

In the summer of 2015, I decided to do something about it, I made small changes at first, cutting out all the really bad stuff from my diet. I added a few extra portions of vegetables to my dinners, which I actually love and re kindled my love for healthier home baked treats. The big change happened after a few months when I joined a CrossFit box.

Looking for an activity to keep me busy I ended up discovering a passion for life, a love for all things fitness and from there developed my interest in nutrition. I started sharing homemade treats with colleagues and was soon asked to prepare healthy dinners for friends, this is when the idea for Nourish was formed. Alongside work I studied for a diploma in nutrition and weight management and have now completed advanced certificates in more specific areas including pre and post-natal nutrition, nutrition for sports and exercise, childhood nutrition and obesity prevention.

The Nourish philosophy will always remain the same, but I look forward to developing the business further, educating others on the core benefits of healthy eating and bringing delicious food to the kitchens of many more friends in Muscat.